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Headphone Electronica

Headphone Electronica

What is the new "alternative" music? A strong case can be made that it is headphone electronica created by bedroom musicians. It's a new 'Folk Art' crafted by artists making professional quality music for the digital age. Musicians with little support or interference from mainstream record labels. This is the true sound alternative. Idyllic Music Podcast features songs by independent artists working outside the mainstream of modern popular music.

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What is Downtempo

Downtempo is laid-back, mellow, slow-tempo electronic music that is sometimes called 'chillout' to encompass a wider variety of styles. Downtempo draws heavily on electronica, dub, hip hop, jazz, ambient, and is often fused with genres like lounge, trip hop, and folktronica. On Idyllic Music, the songs are subtle and less intense but more rhythmic and melodic than pop music. It's music for the mind as well as the hips.

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