Independent Downtempo Electronica


Stephen McAlister and James Nye employ the hypnotic chord progressions, childlike melodies and ethereal textures that mark bands like Boards of Canada and Four Tet. Music in which shifts in synthesized sonic texture and coloration do the work of imagistic lyrics, suggesting place, narrative, meaning.

Influenced by the pioneering sounds of The Orb and Brian Eno, Idyllic evokes a 21st-century pastoral, a sense of the temporal and spatial collapse of the distance between city and countryside. This is for the smaller moments


Idyllic music is written for the moments just before dark when there is only enough light to see silhouettes. It gets called "organic electronic music" or "folksy electronica" or, more frequently, "electronic pastoral."

Jim also produces a weekly Podcast featuring Trip Hop, Ambient, Jazz, Dub and Downtempo songs by outstanding bands from around the globe. Each episode is about 30 minutes in length.

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