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Episode 141

Welcome to the Idyllic Music Podcast featuring the melodic and rhythmic, the charmingly simple and deceptively complex.

Idyllic Music can be Trip Hop or Ambient, Jazz, Dub or Downtempo. In short, headphone electronica. Music as cool as a gentle summer stream.

This week, we'll look at Angels and derivations, warnings and votaries. These nine artists are unafraid the bare the unvarnished, emblazon their influences and balance the devilish with the angelic. Some of the tracks are complete others remain ideas to be fleshed out but all compel. We'll hear from J.S. Marti, Idyllic, Will Kriski, Tronic Koi, Scarlet Hideout, Half Past Sun, The Flavor Foundation, One Blue Nine and Jardín Solar. I'm Jim Nye

We first heard J.S.Marti on the Association of Music Podcasting music digest AMPed a few weeks back and haven't been able to shake this song loose. It is simply called 'Angels'

That was Idyllic and 'Waking (in an Angel's Bed) Checkout downloads at and

Here is Will Kriski with 'Zanzibar in Dub'


That was Scarlet Hideout with 'Herbivores'

Find more at and Tronic Koi's 'heaven or the kingdom of god' at and finally 'Zanzibar in Dub' at

Here is Half Past Sun channeling Eno and Wire with 'Don't Get Too Close'

That was The Flavor Foundation with Masala look for the link at also T.K. Major's Humbert Humbert plea as One Blue Nine and "Rachel, Tell Me No at and Visit


Jardín Solar sports many of their 80's influences out front with 'Todavía Temprano'

Find more from this Peruvian Duo at  

This podcast can be heard in more than 100 countries. Look for the list at music

Visit the cornershop where you can help support many of the artists you hear on Idyllic Music by buying a song or CD from them.

And look for all 4 Volumes of The Idyllic Music iMix.

Thanks for listening. I'm Jim Nye.



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