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Episode 142

Welcome to the Idyllic Music Podcast featuring the melodic and rhythmic, the charmingly simple and deceptively complex.

Idyllic Music can be Trip Hop or Ambient, Jazz, Dub or Downtempo. In short, headphone electronica. Music as cool as a gentle summer stream.

This week, we'll examine the Phoenix. The Firebird, Fêng-Huang, Ho-oo, Benu, or Yel. The myth of this self- rejuvanating bird cuts across almost every ancient culture often symbolizing death and rebirth; for the Phoenix is said to consumed by fire very 500 years only to be reborn among its own ashes. Aphone, Eigenheimer, The Orientalist, Phour Trakk, Hands upon Black Earth and Ecovillage

We'll begin in Brussels where Aphone's 'On Fire'

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Eigenheimer reflects on the fact that there are Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Egyptian, and Native American stories of the Phoenix. 'This World is Little'


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First heard on the The Dub Zone's 2nd anniversary podcast, this is French Producer The Orientalist with 'Islamatronic Cantilliation'

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After the fire Phour Trakk offers something cool to drink. A 'Bhang Lassi'

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From their new CD Translucent comes a tapestry of sound from Hands upon Black Earth and 'Ashes'


That was Ecovillage from their new release Phoenix Asteroid with 'Arise From Ashes'

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Thanks for listening. I'm Jim Nye.



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