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Episode 143

Welcome to the Idyllic Music Podcast featuring the melodic and rhythmic, the charmingly simple and deceptively complex.

Idyllic Music can be Trip Hop or Ambient, Jazz, Dub or Downtempo. In short, headphone electronica. Music as cool as a gentle summer stream.

This week, we marvel at the July 20th 1969 landing on the moon. Although this achievement took place 40 years ago and great strides have been made is subsequent years on furthering our reach into the stars, It continues to awe and inspire. Celebrating with us this week are Canola Tenderfoot, the silk demise, Makaras Pen, Anonymous Horses and Gabriel.

From Bristol, Canola Tenderfoot has released a very cool EP called 'The Light Still Flickers'. This is vocalist Viki Shirley and 'Vilnius

Download this release for free at

Bill Litshauer and Edie Marshall are two of Toronto's most creative exports together as the silk demise. Longtime fans including this podcast can now a collection of unreleased material called 'unlocked' as well as their newest release 'Midnight Eyes' at This is 'Splendid Legacy'


Here is evolving Buffalo-based band Makaras Pen featuring vocalist Jenn Manganiello 'Observing the Empty'

Look to for more

Seattle's Franklin Lask records as Anonymous Horses. This is 'A Far Moon Stride''


Gabriel Kreps asked Grim on Mbient to remix much of his work. The result is 'The Gabriel Sequence'

You can download the entire sequence here 

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Thanks for listening. I'm Jim Nye.



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