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Episode 99

Welcome to the Idyllic Music Podcast featuring the melodic and rhythmic, the charmingly simple and deceptively complex.

Idyllic Music can be Trip Hop or Ambient, Jazz, Dub or Downtempo. In short, headphone electronica. Music as cool as a gentle summer stream.

This week, we'll contemplate the patient ear. The following five tracks require time. At least they did for me. Each one finds its stride at precisely the right moment for that song and that make them special. Taking their own sweet time about it are HerbalJ, Audiokonstrukte, Terence Blanchard, Wurlitztraction and Misosoup. I'm Jim Nye. At the end of the program, I'll have a few words about our 100th episode and give away.

We'll begin with DJ HerbalJ and 'Break Zone'

Hear more at

Up next we'll turn to German producer Audiokonstrukte for 'Sensitive Poem'

Download the "Smart Echoes For Sensitive Ears" CD at



Here is another from New Orleans native Terence Blanchard's song cycle of anger, compassion, melancholy, and beauty. A TALE OF GODíS WILL (a requiem for katrina) This is 'In Time Of Need'

Find more at

Wurlitztraction is the latest project from Sound Designer Chris Reid. This is 'if you could leave your body for one night where would you go'

Download the entire The Starlit Numbers On Her Fingers at

From Lyon, This is an untitled collaboration between Misosoup and Pitch.

Look to for more.'


Coming up on the 100th episode of Idyllic Music, we'll look to honor the many regular listeners to this podcast with two CD ready mixes of the best vocal and instrumental tracks heard on the show over the past two years.

Don, Mika, Stephen and I have gleaned the archives and will offer up these two mixes unencumbered by the usual patter so that you can burn them directly to the blank CD of your choice.

The playlists and artist links will be available, as always, at

Visit the cornershop where you can help support many of the artists you hear on Idyllic Music by buying a song or CD from them.

There is also a book corner with where you can browse through 20 great music books including Miles Davis's autobiography and the Trouser Press Guide to Music.

And look for all 4 Volumes of The Idyllic Music iMix.

Thanks for listening. I'm Jim Nye.



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