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Idyllic Music Podcast features songs by independent artists working outside the mainstream of modern popular music. On Idyllic Music, the songs are subtle and less intense but more rhythmic and melodic than most pop music. Idyllic Music might be Trip Hop or Ambient, Chillout, Dub, Jazz or Downtempo. All our podcasts are evergreen, undated and universal. We try to offer programs you are unlikely to hear anywhere else. It's music for the mind as well as the hips.

Idyllic Music Podcast Host Jim Nye

What is a Podcast

Podcasts are digital audio and video programs available online for listeners to download or stream at their convenience. The Idyllic Music Podcast Library has hours of commercial free programming. Most of our podcasts are about 30 minutes long. Find links to the artists featured on the podcast over the years plus a complete archive of show notes. This podcast is hosted by Jim Nye and has subscribers in more than 100 countries.

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How to Subscribe

Subscribing to a podcast is like having a good friend recommend music to you that you would otherwise spend hours searching for on your own. Subscribing is free and you can unsubscribe just as easily. It is just a way to make it easier to listen to future shows without having to search and download them manually each time. Try subscribing with iTunes or Google Play. There are many apps like Feedly, Overcast, Stitcher Podbay, Downcast and The Podcast Source. If you are comfortable with RSS feeds, here is the original source feed.