Trip Hop - Dub - Downtempo - Electronica

Music Mix

For the 100th episode of Idyllic Music, we have a treat for the many regular listeners of this podcast. Two CD ready mixes of the best vocal and instrumental tracks heard on the show's first 100 episodes. We have gleaned the archives and offer up these two mixes unencumbered by the usual patter so that you can burn them directly to the blank CD of your choice. We have two podcast mp3 files of nearly 80 minutes each of the best music featured on Idyllic Music Podcast.

What You Will Need

You will need two standard length (700 MB) blank CD's, burning software installed on your computer such as Roxio, iTunes or Nero and a color printer, if you want to download the CD covers with song titles and artist names. Right click the cover and save the picture to your computer then print each at 4.75 X 4.75 inches. Cut them out and fit them inside your CD case.