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Idyllic Music Podcast features songs by independent downtempo electronic music artists. Electronic Music can be played on digital instruments or use sampled analog recordings or studio manipulation to create new sounds. Downtempo means the songs are not hurried or frantic, instead they unfold. You will hear a variety of rhythms and musical styles from around the world. They include Trip Hop, Chillout, Jazz, Dub, Lounge and Ambient. The music is melodic and subtle on the Idyllic Music Podcast. All our podcasts are evergreen, undated and universal. We try to offer programs you are unlikely to hear anywhere else.

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This week we’ll look at espionage. It’s spies and spooks, coups and active measures. It’s a shadowy world. All cloak-and-dagger. Carried out by those we will never know. Of the things that are supposed to stay secret. Aiding with the reconnaissance on this episode of Idyllic Music are Karmacoda, Hector Zarate, Frank Dorittke, Tommy Ptolemy, DTR, and the Policy Wonks. I’m Jim Nye. This marks the seventh appearance by San Francisco’s Karmacoda on Idyllic Music. Here is the perfect mix of Electronica paired with Jessica Ford’s soulful vocals. From their 2018 release ‘Intimate‘ asking ‘Can It Be’

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What is 'Electronica'? It describes ”electronic music styles intended not just for dancing but also concentrated listening". More broadly, it is Chillout Music. Headphone electronica is created by indie musicians working with twenty first century tools. These independent artists create, edit and sometimes perform their work using modern tech. It's a new 'Folk Art' crafted by artists making professional quality chill music for the digital age. Musicians getting little support or interference from mainstream record labels. Idyllic Music Podcast features songs by these artists. I’m sure you will agree the talent is astounding.