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Best of Electronic Music

Idyllic Music Podcast has been unearthing and featuring songs by independent electronic music artists since 2006.

Many of these DIY bands have found freedom in the relative low cost of modern software and instruments. Creating their artistic vision became affordable and thousands of ideas sprang forth.

Electronic Music can be played on digital instruments or use sampled analog recordings or studio manipulation to create new sounds.

Downtempo means the songs are not hurried or frantic, instead they slowly unfold. The beats are calming even relaxed.

Music and Ideas. Mind and Hips. Each episode is gathered around a common theme. You will encounter a variety of rhythms and genres from around the world including Trip Hop, Chill-Out, Ambient, Lounge, Jazz, and Dub.

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Latest Podcast Episode

This week we’ll look at the life serving skill of reason. The process of deciding if something is true.

It’s based on reducing assumptions and making the best choice under the circumstances. The simplest answer isn’t always the truest.

This week we’ll hear from six artists who gradually peal back layers to get to that essence.

They are Advanced Suite, Kazuki, Lovement, The Microgram, D-Echo Project and Culture Horn. I’m Jim Nye

Discovering Independent Music since 2006

All our podcasts are evergreen, undated and universal. We try to provide programs you are unlikely to find anywhere else.

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Podcasting since 2006

When we uploaded our first episode of Idyllic Music Podcast in 2006 the podcasting landscape looked very different than it does now.

Most podcasts used to be music podcasts sounding a lot like underground FM radio. In 2006 there were websites like music.podshow Podsafe Music Network and IodaPromonet offering podcasters ‘podsafe’ material or (CC) Creative Commons copyrighted songs.

Idyllic Music Podcast has been committed to the promotion of the artists who have allowed us access to their work whether by (CC) or special permission.

We provide clear links to the relevant artists websites, updated if possible. Each episode’s transcript also mentions the original source.

As the focus of podcasting has turned towards interviewing, storytelling and personality driven programs, we remain true to our goal to discover, play and promote independent electronic music.