Latest Podcast Episode

Latest Podcast Episode

This week we will focus on mind wandering. When your attention drifts from the task at hand. Most of us feel this mild disassociation routinely. When you feel a million miles away. While it can be distracting daydreaming can lead to more creativity through decoupling and self reflection. We will hear six tracks that exhibit some of this dreamlike quality including Red Wine Riots, Aphilas, Dreza, Eva Schlegel, Azoora and Just Banks. I’m Jim Nye. We will begin with something from French netLabel Sirona Records. Here are the Red Wine Riots with ‘Enigmatic’

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Idyllic Music Podcast features songs by independent downtempo electronic music artists. Electronic Music can be played on digital instruments or use sampled analog recordings or studio manipulation to create new sounds. Downtempo means the songs are not hurried or frantic, instead they unfold. You will encounter a variety of rhythms and music genres from around the world including Trip Hop, Chill-Out, Jazz, Ambient, Lounge and Dub. The music is subtle and melodic on the Idyllic Music Podcast. All our podcasts are evergreen, undated and universal. We try to provide programs you are unlikely to find anywhere else.

Independent Downtempo Podcast

Independent Podcast

The term 'amateur' shares the root of amour or to love. Making music for the love of it is as noble an enterprise as one can undertake. Artists create and if they are good or lucky enough, they can take their songs on the road and sell a few tickets. It has become more difficult for them now. Independent Artists ask only a bit of cooperation from us. This podcast is dependent on the bands that let us play their songs for free. In turn, they ask only that you buy a ticket or a song or a download directly from them. Many bands offer quality music via net labels often for free. Others have their own websites with shopping carts. It's one way to ensure great new electronic music in the future.