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Idyllic Music Podcast features songs by independent artists working outside the mainstream. Music you are unlikely to hear anywhere else. It might be TripHop or Ambient, Chillout, Dub, Jazz or Downtempo. In short, headphone electronica. The podcast index has hours of free podcasts, most are about 30 minutes long. Chillinks include internet station streaming, connections to the artists played on Idyllic Music over the years, a full archive of show notes and links to other great podcasts

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'This week we'll try to imagine the ends of the universe. It's one way to restore some perspective while your world is spinning around you. The vast emptiness of space, its cold, hollow expanse is the fact that we ignore while conjuring up tales of Death Stars and Restaurants. Taking a more expansive view are Rukirek, Dive Index, Jagoa, Me Zion Dread and Strad. I'm Jim Nye'

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A quick note about the Idyllic Music App: I have been in contact with tech support who told me, after demanding I reboot my computer, the staff at LibSyn are feverishly working to update the software and something about lazers I didn't quite follow. So tech support counsels patience for now.

Somewhere along the lines we have lost some Idyllic Music episodes. We are still looking for episodes 141 - 144. We would really like to bring these shows back into the fold so we are asking anyone who may still have these programs hidden away somewhere please let us know at the e-mail address below. Many thanks. Jim

100th Episode 'Songs' CD     79:54  'Instrumentals' CD     79:40

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