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Idyllic Music Podcast features songs by independent artists working outside the mainstream of modern popular music. On Idyllic Music, the songs are subtle and less intense but more rhythmic and melodic than most pop music. Idyllic Music might be Triphop or Ambient, Chillout, Dub, Jazz or Downtempo. We try to offer programs you are unlikely to hear anywhere else. It's music for the mind as well as the hips.

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Episode 192

"This week, it's regrets and reconciliation. Regrets? I've had a few but by and large, I've moved on. It seems a measure of success by how little regret we take to our graves. The trick, of course, is in deciding how much of your personal past you are willing to overlook. Making that judgment on this episode of Idyllic Music are We came as Strangers, Surek, Vienna Ditto, Knoto, Zebrat, and Helicalin. I'm Jim Nye. We'll begin in the U.K..."

Idyllic Music

Headphone Electronica

What is the new "alternative" music? A strong case can be made that it is headphone electronica created by bedroom musicians. It's a new 'Folk Art' crafted by artists making professional quality music for the digital age. Musicians with little support or interference from mainstream record labels. Idyllic Music Podcast features songs by these artists and I think you will hear the talent is astounding. This is the true sound alternative.