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Dear friends and subscribers. I have an enormous favor to ask you. Somewhere along the lines we have lost Idyllic Music episodes 141 - 150. We would really like to bring these shows back into the fold so we are asking anyone who may still have these programs hidden away somewhere please let us know at the e-mail address below. Many thanks. Jim

Idyllic Music Podcast features songs by independent artists working outside the mainstream. Music you are unlikely to hear anywhere else. It might be Trip Hop or Ambient, Chillout, Dub, Jazz or Downtempo. In short, headphone electronica. This is the place to find hours of free podcasts, links to more than 400 artists played on Idyllic Music including radio streaming, and a full archive of show notes.

Massive AttackTracy ThornePortishead

What is the new "alternative" music? A strong case can be made that it is headphone electronica created by bedroom musicians. It's a new 'Folk Art' crafted by artists making professional quality music for the digital age. Musicians with little support or interference from mainstream record labels. This is the true sound alternative.

Downtempo is laid-back, mellow, slow-tempo electronic music that is sometimes called 'chillout' to encompass a wider variety of styles. Downtempo draws heavily on electronica, dub, hip hop, jazz, ambient, and is often fused with genres like lounge, trip hop, and folktronica. On Idyllic Music, the songs are subtle and less intense but more rhythmic and melodic than pop music. It's music for the mind as well as the hips.  

Podcasts have been described as TiVo for Internet audio and video, because it lets users save content digitally, and replay it at their convenience. Some podcasts are like TV shows while others are like a radio program you can download to your MP3 player or computer. We try to offer programming you are unlikely to find anywhere else

Subscribing to a podcast is like having a good friend recommend music to you that you would otherwise spend hours searching for on your own. Music lovers know the thrill of hearing a really great new song for the first time. We get a bigger charge out of finding and playing those songs to someone who has never heard them before.

You can download the podcast you want to hear by using any number of podcast receivers including Juice, Google, DoggCatcher, iCatcher! and iTunes. Subscribing is just a way to make it easier to hear future shows without having to find and download them manually each time. Check our podcast index for more details on each show.

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